1. To install the cap fitting on the standard KAYABA cap, you must remove the plastic ring from the bottom edge on YZ and KX caps, and the BLEED SCREW. You can replace the plastic ring onto the cap after the CAP FITTINGS are installed.
2. Secure the fork cap in a drill press vice by the shaft boss STEM so that it will not spin or fly out. Drill the bleed screw hole completely through using a 7mm drill.
3. Next, use a 9mm drill to counterbore the hole approximately 4mm deep to provide the "O-RING TRENCH".
4. Tap the hole using a 8mm x 1.0mm tap.
5. Using YAMABOND 4 or another semi-drying sealant, coat the threads of the CAP FITTING.
6. Screw the CAP FITTING into the hole in the fork cap, taking care to seat the O-RING properly and tighten.
7. On bumper type YZ and KX forks, you should drill a "breather hole" into the BUMPER CAP approximately 3mm diameter, about 10mm down from the top edge.
8. Set the oil level HIGHER. On YZ's set it at 70mm to start. On CR125, KX and RM models using BLADDER SYSTEMS, you must first remove the BLADDER, and discard the WASHER that the fork spring sits on, on top of the cylinder. With the BLADDER removed, set the oil level at 70mm as a start.