Enzo Racing Works Style Pre-load Ring

Installation Instructions on Yamaha Motorcycle

(Fits 2006 and Newer YZ Motorcycles)


1.     Remove your rear shock from the bike.

2.     Remove your shock spring from your shock

3.     Remove both of the top locking nuts on your shock

4.     Then reinstall the lower locking nut on the shock

5.     Slide the Enzo Racing Works Style Pre-load ring onto the shock reservoir up to the top. You will want the nut facing forward on the right side of the shock. See picture below.

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Reinstall your spring and tighten down the lower locking nut onto the spring.

6.     Reinstall the shock back onto the bike and set your sag accordingly (at this time the Pre-load ring will still be loose).

7.     After you have set your sag, slide the Enzo Racing works style pre-load ring down the reservoir until the notch on the pre-load ring fits down into the notched out section of the lower lock nut. When doing this step only slide the notched section down until it is flush with the bottom of the bottom locking nut.

8.     Tighten the hex screw on the Enzo Racing work style pre-load ring.

9.     The ring is now installed. All of your further sag adjustments will be made by loosening the hex screw and sliding the pre-load ring up. Then you can adjust the spring by hand slide the pre-load ring back down and tighten.